Screens protectors

Screens protectors

Anti-pollution screen, made of translucent methacrylate that allows high visibility, forms a real barrier against viruses and bacteria, thus avoiding the risks of transmission and contamination.

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  • Protective translucent methacrylate anti-pollution screens perfect for counters or any other business designed for direct attention to the public.
  • They are delivered in their perfect packaging and are easy to assemble since you only have to place the supports on the screen.
  • The screen is made up of the base and some methacrylate feet attached to the counter. Designed to create a security barrier between people.
  • They allow maintaining the recommended safety distance of at least 1m.
  • Designed for pharmacies, factories, food stores, tobacconists, gas stations, restaurants, bars, hotels and for all kinds of shops that are facing the public.
  • They are easy to clean and have good resistance to dilute solutions of alcohols, soaps and aliphatic hydrocarbons.
  • They are manufactured in three standard sizes but can be adjusted to any custom measurement.
  • Easy installation, includes adhesive tape for a more secure fixing.

Cleaning tips

  • Clean with a soft cloth or cotton cloth, which is slightly damp and apply a small amount of neutral soap.
  • Abrasive detergents, solvents or any product containing alcohol are not recommended.
  • We do not recommend dry cleaning that can scratch the material and lose transparency.