FD/166 Camión 4×4

FD/166 Camión 4×4

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  • Model designed for children’s carousels of a fixed or rolling platform type, also for carousels roundabout or Scalextric.
  • Made of fiberglass reinforced with polyester.
  • Decorated with paints in two-layered colors of high luminosity and high gloss varnishes completely stable outdoors.
  • Galvanized steel chassis and stainless steel fittings.
  • Color ABS plastic steering wheel.
  • Seatbelts.
  • Electrical installation and digital sound with volume control, music of claim and melodies themed with the model of the vehicle or to choose.
  • LED lighting.

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L. 160 x H. 125 x A. 80 cm


70 Kg